Journey & Steve Miller Band

    Sunday 25 May 2014
    Dos Equis Pavilion
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    Journey & Steve Miller Band

    Journey_Steve Miller Band_GexaEnergyPavilion

    Steve Miller Band and Journey are together going to present you with a classical rock concert that will keep you asking for more. Watch the brilliant performers at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on the 25th of May 2014. With the 40th anniversary of the unmistakably successful song Joker, Miller will present a celebration of his timeless singles and hits such as ‘Fly like an eagle’, ‘Take the money and run’. To take the experience to a whole new level Journey goes full throttle with his hits such as ‘Wheel in the sky’, ‘Don’t stop believing’ and much more.

    Image courtesy of <johntrainor> licensed under Creative Commons


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